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Full-Time Vanlife: Ideal Jobs for Remote Work


If you already have a remote job or are in the market for one, there are plenty of options that match well with a nomadic lifestyle. You can live the full-time/part-time vanlife and still work a full-time or part-time job, depending on the kind of work you do. Of course, there’s always the option of only working when you need or want to, as well. Today it is easier than ever with plenty of remote jobs available. We’ve outlined are 10 jobs that are ideal for vanlifers in effort to help you jump start your new lifestyle today. Check out the details below!

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is just what the name implies. They design all kinds of graphics for all sorts of individuals and businesses. The good news about that is that it’s done almost exclusively online. That makes it easy for you to enjoy the vanlife and travel to wherever you want to go, all while doing your job and interacting with clients. If you’re talented and artistic, this could be the remote job for you.

Social Media Specialist

When you work as a social media specialist, you can reach all kinds of people around the country and the world. Individuals and companies will pay you to manage their social media presences, so you can help them expand their reach. Since social media is exclusively online, you don’t have to be in any particular area to work with it. You could be traveling during the day and updating in the evening, or scheduling posts that appear even when you’re behind the wheel, headed to your next adventure.

Day Laborer / Contract Work

By working as a day laborer or engaging in contract work, you work when you want to, or for set periods of time until a project is complete. Many day laborers work in construction or landscaping, but there are other opportunities. Contract work can be anything from manual labor to white-collar opportunities, and a lot of them are remote. Working in one place until the job is done, and then moving on to the next adventure, is also a possibility.

Campground Host

Being a campground host is a great way to enjoy full-time vanlife. You can be the host at a campground where you stay long-term, or move from place to place when openings come up at other campgrounds. Either way, you have options to consider and enjoy. You’ll also meet a lot of new people, which can add to the fun of a nomadic life. Keeping up with them through social media, and seeing them again when they visit a campground you’re hosting helps you build a friend group who enjoys the same experiences.

Traveling Nurse

If you work as a traveling nurse you can help people all over the country. By going where you’re needed most you’ll be able to save and improve lives, along with enjoying your free time in places you really like. There are great opportunities for nurses to travel around the world, but you can live the vanlife and stay in your home country, all while doing a lot for local healthcare needs.

Freelance Writer

You can work as a freelance writer and travel as much as you like. As long as you meet deadlines, you can generally work on any schedule that’s right for your needs. That gives you the option to take as much or as little work as you want or need, and keep building your portfolio, so you can bring in more clients. It’s a great way to pay your bills and still see the sights as you travel around in your van.

Technical Support

By working in technical support (tech support), you have the chance to live and work wherever you want. You’ll likely have some set times of day that you need to be available for calls or emails. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see the sights the rest of the time. You can also work from anywhere with a good phone and/or email connection, so you can travel to a new location on your days off and still keep the schedule you need.


You can be a tutor for a number of different ages and subjects. If you want to teach ESL, for example, there are a lot of online options for that. You can also teach other languages, math, science, computer skills, and a host of other interesting areas. Tutoring gives you the chance to travel when you want, and work from anywhere that has a good internet connection. That’s most places anymore, so your adventures won’t be restricted.

Software Engineer

When you work as a software engineer you can do everything you need to do online. You can work as a freelancer and design software for companies and individuals, or work with one company on a remote basis. You can also create your own software and apps and offer them for sale. Either way, you have plenty of opportunities to create something great and allow other people to buy what you have to offer.

Sales Consultant

You can work from nearly anywhere as a sales consultant, and reach out to companies that want to know how to sell more effectively. You can also sell for a company, or sell your own products. There are so many opportunities when you work in sales, and it’s easy for you to work with clients online, travel to their locations, and move around the country as needed. For someone who wants to experience all the country has to offer, this can be a great remote, vanlife-based opportunity.

Does one or more of these jobs sound like a good fit for your future career? All of these jobs can be done remotely, and most of the time you can work from anywhere. That means you can travel around while keeping a job you love, or change jobs frequently as you move from place to place. Either way, full-time vanlife and all the adventures it brings is definitely possible when you choose a great remote job.