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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Joe on the Road


It’s easy to settle for gas station coffee when traveling but if you venture by van, you don’t have to. Your home on wheels was made to carry along glassware, a batch-brew system or any other luxury item you might not need but definitely want while on the road. What is impractical to haul while flying, driving or tent camping is no issue for a van and that’s one of the simple beauties of van life.

Today, we’re featuring a few brew tools that are easy to pack in your camper and will ensure you experience the best road coffee. Best of all, it’s free and accessible at you at anytime. Enjoy!



What You’ll Need for Your Coffee:
– AeroPress coffee maker and measuring spoon (included w/ AeroPress)
– AeroPress coffee filters
– Enamelware coffee mug
– Enamelware coffee pot (for boiling water)
– Hand grinder (medium grind setting)
Union Coffee Co, El Salvador Coffee Beans
– Cellphone timer

Coffee Ingredients:
– 30 grams of ground coffee | Two scoops with your AeroPress spoon
– 8 oz. of hot water | Just over the 4th line on the AeroPress



1. Boil 8 oz. of water over campfire or your van stove.
2. Place the coffee filter in the AeroPress basket and rinse the filter with warm water.
3. Discard the rinse water.
4. Pour ground coffee into the brewer and place it over your coffee mug.
5. Add in 8 oz. of boiled water over the course of 10 seconds.
6. Stir the coffee and water mixture with your AeroPress spoon for a few seconds.
7. Place plunger on (but don’t plunge yet!) and let your coffee brew for 45 seconds.
8. Remove plunger, stir coffee and water mixture one more time, place plunger back on and start a 20 second slow plunge.
9. That’s it! Enjoy your quick and easy 8 oz. cup of delicious coffee!

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