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The Top 4×4 Class B Campervans for Sale at Rec Van


Looking for a van that’s as ready for adventure as you are? From navigating snowy roads for winter escapades to finding hidden gems off the beaten path, you’ll want a camper van that can keep up with the elements and deliver you to your destination safe and sound. For that, turn to four-wheel drive.

If you plan on traveling in places where you’ll encounter low traction surfaces like snow, ice, mud, and sand (hello, beach camping!), you should probably invest in a vehicle with 4×4. Four-wheel drive prevents you from getting trapped in any sticky situations and opens up a whole world of destinations that you wouldn’t be able to reach with 2WD.

Ready to find the rugged off-roading van of your dreams? We’ve compiled information on the top Class B 4×4 vans currently for sale at Rec Van in this quick and easy-to-understand guide. Read on for the details.


We love Thor Motor Coach’s newest offering because it’s incredibly easy to drive and park, meaning you can enjoy a wide range of adventures from stealth camping in the city to tucking into smaller campgrounds in the wild. At just 20 feet long, the Sanctuary fits a remarkable amount of high-tech amenities inside, including a 24” tv and a JBL Flip speaker. Plus, Thor’s design team has thought of everything when it comes to storage. Roomy pull-out trays in the rear of the van, a Thule bike rack on the back door, and a roof rack with an attached ladder allow you to travel with everything you need on deck.


Thor’s 2022 Tranquility includes all of the amazing features of the Sanctuary. In fact, these two models are identical in all regards except for some styling details. What does differ between the van linked here and the one linked above are their interior layouts. While the 19L layout (seen in the Sanctuary above) features a bed in the back and a larger lounge area towards the front of the van, the 19P is furnished with a fold-out sleeping area in the back that doubles as a smart living space by day.


Looking to bring a luxurious lifestyle to the middle of nowhere? A fan of classic-style interiors? The Passage 144 might be the van for you. This RV is set apart by sumptuous materials and finishes including quilted textiles and richly-colored burl wood. You can take your fairytale traveling home into remote forests and meadows with its four-wheel drive capabilities and 100-watt rooftop solar charging system. Midwest Automotive Designs also provides the extra sustainable option of the Eco-Freedom package, which includes lithium-ion batteries, more solar power, and everything else you need to live in luxury while completely off the grid.


The Winnebago Revel won the RV Pro Best in Show title in 2018 and is still a fan favorite among adventurers. Why? It was created with the needs (and wants) of outdoor sports enthusiasts in mind. A large gear garage beneath a power lift bed is the focal point of the van’s design, allowing you to store your rock-climbing, snowboarding, and backpacking equipment with ease. You can even store extra gear like boogie boards and swimsuits on removable shelves that fit neatly over the toilet. The Revel also boasts the most off-road capabilities of Winnebago’s models, thanks to its 3-liter turbo engine, on-demand four-wheel drive system, and high/low range mode. What does all of this technical talk mean? The world is your oyster.


Built on the tried-and-true Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 4×4 chassis and offering a 3-liter turbo diesel engine like the Revel, the 2021 Tiffin Cahaba is a well-rounded offering. Rugged four-wheel drive allows you to travel almost anywhere you set your mind to, while the interior layout is optimized for comfort and organization. The Tiffin team also included thoughtful details like heated cab seats, a nook for stowing pillows, and a powered patio awning–just to name a few–that will keep you traveling and living in style.


At 24 feet long, the Phoenix Cruiser is the largest offering on this list. In fact, it straddles RV categories as a Class B+/C van and serves a very specific niche between small and large recreational vehicles. While you lose a bit of maneuverability with the increase in size, you’ll be rewarded with valuable extra square feet in the interior. The space is put to good use with plush couches and chairs in an open lounge area that feels like a full living room. The kitchen is decked out with a large refrigerator and a 2-burner range for top-notch camp cookery. Some of the Cruiser series create even more living space with powered sections that slide out of the van’s side walls. Enjoy this rig year-round with 4×4 to stay safe in changing weather conditions.

Four-wheel drive does wonders for your range of possible travel destinations. If you’ll be navigating rough landscapes or climates often, you should also make sure your van has a good set of all-terrain or all-season tires.

Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach, scaling mountains, or rambling down dirt roads, there is a 4×4 adventure van for you at Rec Van. Here’s to exploring paths less traveled in 2022!