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Best Free Van Camping for the 4th of July


Looking to spend the 4th of July under the stars but time got away from you? You don’t have to miss out on camping, barbecuing, and celebrating our nation’s independence if you were asleep at the wheel (figuratively of course) leading up to the summer holiday. The great part about owning a van is the ability to go off-grid. What better way to get back to nature than to boondock for the 4th? From BLM land to national forests, we’re outlining our favorite low-key camping destinations that will get you away from the crowds and into the wild, unabashed beauty that is the American landscape.

Important Reminder – as fire season approaches, be extremely mindful of fire restrictions while in nature. If you’re in a restricted area, do not have a fire. Really, just don’t do it.


Photography: @storytelleroverland

The west and pacific northwest are home to some of the most epic camping destinations that are 100% free. This part of the country is the most wild in our opinion – from the diverse topography to distinct wildlife, camping out west can often feel like you’ve gone back in time. Check out some of our favorite sites below:
– Canyon Rims Moab, UT
– BLM Joshua Tree South, CA
– Gunnison National Forest Crested Butte, CO
– Chimney Rock Campground, OR



The northern states host some of the most lush, hurl-over-dead-from-too-much-beauty natural landscapes in all of the country. While there are hundreds of free camping, off-grid, national forests, and BLM location to choose from, these are some of our favorites:
– Green Mountain National Forest, VT
– Adirondack Park, NY
– Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land, ME



Oh the south/southwest. While it might be hot, the coast and the desert are always uniquely beautiful in their own ways. From Florida to Arizona, there are tons of options when it comes to dispersed camping (especially in the Arizona/New Mexico areas). So of our favorites are:
– Ocala National Forest, FL
– Neches River, TX
– Cieneguita National Conservation Area, AZ
– El Malpais National Monument, NM


Photography: @storytelleroverland

According the the Bureau of Land Management, the Easter States office manages over 39 million subsurface acres in the 31 states east of and bordering the Mississippi River. Some of those prime camping locations include:
– Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area, VA
– Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area, SC
– Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, GA
– Cherokee National Forest, TN

Want to learn more about boondocking and how to properly get off-grid while holding a full-time job? Check out our Guide to Remote Working When Boondocking. Do you enjoy remote camping? Leave us on comment below for a chance to be featured on our Rec Van blog. Happy Fourth of July, and stay safe this holiday weekend!